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I am a 21 yr old mum to Murray and fiance to Calum. Three months after giving birth to our gorgeous son, Murray, our world turned upside down for a wee while. At just 20 years old I almost lost my life. I was taken into hospital for a routine operation but complications lead to me needing 8pts blood transfusion and life saving surgery. But I'm here by the grace of God. I fought and I'm living my life to the full!
We live in Killin, Perthshire. Everyday is a new and wonderful day with pleasures we can only imagine until we take that step to reach them!
I'm currently a stay at home Mum. I've never liked working under authority. Its not that I don't respect people, I just really would like to work for myself. And hopefully, this year will be my year for getting things up and running and take we a couple of steps further along my path in life. I just hope I'm heading along the right one. I know I am!


Family, Faith, Friends, Making cards, Thrifting, Charity shops, The countryside, Country Living, Scotland.