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May 16, 2007


Sew Recycled!

Great to see your back! I can confess that I dreamt of giving birth to kittens for my dear departed cat just before I had my second child! Weird!!!!!! Murrays bunny 'Benjamin' is in the making!


Hello from a fellow left hander - I also had trouble with the scissors at school! Afraid I love tea and buses though!
Kim x


Apricots are the only dried fruit I can eat - chocolate raisins occasionally, but fruit cake, scones etc. Not my cup of tea. You are the second blogger I have found who dislikes dried fruit except apricots, the first was the German Blogger Krawuggl! Small world.

Victoria May Plum

You are weird, it is official!
I love buses, you get to chat to so many mad, but lovely old ladies, about tea, and fruit cake - yum. Sounds like your worst nightmare!
Hugs to Murray.
Victoria x


New ideas and things to show us, can't wait.


What would you have done with Murray if the answer to the red hair question was no? Sent him back?!?

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