May 31, 2007



What a brilliant bargain and a wonderful day out, looking forward to seeing the bag you make.


You lucky thing! Isn't it great when the unexpected happens, especially when it saves you money!

What a sweetie pie Murray is, I think there may be a firefighter in the making there!

Julia x


Lucky, lucky you...I love the floral fabric -- one can never have any florals!!

Victoria May Plum

I have curtains in the Lulworth fabric, isn't it gorgeous?, Laura Ashley we salute you.
Murray pulls the cutest faces for photos (what do you bribe him with?)
Have a lovely weekend you three
Victoria x
p.s I am so glad that you are Morsbagging, me too! we could start a little morsbag blog group...


nice fabric - I love a bargain!!!! going to go find out what a morsbag is now...

Victoria May Plum

Hi Charlotte,
thanks for dropping by and thanks for your lovely comments.
Happy 2nd Birthday to darling little Murray!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and a lovely Wee celebration!
Pebs sends lots of kisses back xxxxxxx
Victoria x
p.s did you ever see a section of some magazine (something tacky like womens own or chat) called 'Bogbrush babies' Hilarious! pictures of babies with toilet brush-like hair, I just thought that you might like to check it out?


Love those beautiful fabrics! Murray is so cute.. there is nothing quite like a red-headed boy! :)


I came over via lucy locket, look at your lovely fabrics! I can't resist a bargain, including old furniture, and my husband despairs everytime I bring home a new chair or table cause "it was only a pound!" there's a running joke in my family that "I'll sand it down and paint it white" will be on my headstone when I kick the bucket.
Anyway nice to see that I'm not the only young mum with a passion for sewing and painting things, I had my three year old Ella when I was 20.


HE is so very cute boy!!! You got really beautiful fabric! What a nice day you had!

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