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July 05, 2007



when I was 14 I decorated my bedroom in sunflower yellow, with lime green wardrobes and cupboards, Yuck! It's was so bright, but I loved it at the time. My sister recently moved into it after I moved out to my own house, and it took her 4 coats of white paint to cover up the lime green, she was not pleased!
I can completely relate to your paint problem, I would never leave Danny in charge of something that needed to be so perfect, because frankly he would probably pick up any old colour. I have laura ashley duck egg blue on my living room walls, and it it such a lovely colour, it has such a high colour density, it didn't really need two coats, but unfortunatly it's matt so no good for your kitchen. I thought they used to do it in a kitchen and bathroom paint aswell, but they seemed to have discountinued it.
I wish you good luck and hope it turns out ok.


I love duck egg blue, in fact almost all shades of blue. My bedroom is Portuguese blue and I absolutely love it! :)
Hope little Murray's eye recovers soon.

suzie sews

Thats one cutie!
SUzie Sews


Have a good time with your Mum, and I hope you like the colour when you get home. Paint colour can make such a difference, it's not until it's on the wall that you can really tell if it works or not. I like both colours,it'll be fine...if not he'll just have to start again :)


That looks sore!!! poor Murray.
Love the new colour.
Alison x

Victoria May Plum

Are you sure that Calum didn't take your sisters wellies to the paint mixing man? Actually I love both colours - but I know what you mean, if it's not right, it's not right.
Poor Murray, what a brave little man - bless him
Victoria x


I like pink, but not purple...I can use purple, mixed with other colors and does just fine. I like colors all together, alone too...my favorite has been red since child!
I must tell you how lovely your new blog layout is!!!
His eye looks really hurt...poor boy. Get well soon!


Blue is such a good colour.

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I'm a huge fan of the color blue.. there are so many shades of it!

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Thanks, I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

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